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Sanibel marketing

Social Media Marketing is a progressively and exceedingly effective way to increase your brand's 

reputation and reach new customers and potential clients.

Shane's Services offer unique packages that no other agency's offers. Working alongside Shane gives you the personability of a family business - with the results of a large scale marketing agency. 


Shane antalick Marketing

Shane Has Over a Decade of Experience In :

- Funnel Marketing

- Growth Marketing

- Contextual Marketing

- Building Brand Reputations 

- Brand Positioning 

- & Much More

Shane Antalick photography

Professional Imagery might seem unnecessary - But how many times have you been sold on a product/service because of a photo?

Most of Shane's Social Media Packages come equipped with private photoshoots to capture unique personal images EXCLUSIVELY for your company!​

Shane's Images are professionally captured to bring a visual boost to your marketing. Utilizing these images on your social media, email ,or traditional marketing efforts will undoubtedly help:


  • Sell your Product/Service faster

  • Catch the eyes of your intended audience

  • Give your business the opportunity to make an impression on your potential customers

  • Add Credibility to establish your brand as business professionals 

Shane Antalick Photography

Tracking Your Investment is something Shane recommends.


Utilizing his services not only GUARANTEES you will see growth, he will provide the proof for you! 

Shane provides monthly profile performance presentations for all his clients. This enables them to see where their money is going and how everyone is collectively able to surpass it the next month. 

Shane antalick Marketing
shane antalick marketing

Get More Time to focus on other initiatives with Shane handling your Social Media Marketing. 

If you or your employees have social media on your to-do list, it’ll be a huge relief to give up this role to someone else.


Maybe you’ve been trying to build your online presence -and due to this - other aspects of your business have been put on the backburner?


By hiring Shane, you’ll have more time to focus on new projects and leave the social media work to him!

Boost Your Digital Marketing - Contact Shane Now 

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