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Shane was born and raised on the barrier island of Sanibel in The Bailey Homestead. He feels extremely fortunate to be raised in a coastal ecosystem with so much preserved wilderness to photograph and immerse himself in. 


Shane actively produces eye-catching imagery for a variety of clients, spanning from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations. Shane's primary goals are to strengthen his clients' visual identity in order to attract more consumers and keep them engaged with their business.


His personal documentations, on the other hand, aim to remind everyone why nature is so special, and why it absolutely needs to be protected.


The islands way of life allowed Shane to...


 explore nature from day one. He devoted every moment possible to adventuring off the beaten path. Ultimately, he discovered that wave riding, environmental protection, and the visual arts were his lifelong "paths."


Shane had been a competitive surfer for over 15 years before nestling into his full-time photography career. Shane was endorsed by several companies at that time. Through these sponsorships, he learned the fundamentals of marketing and the value of maintaining a brand's image. 


Shane now uses his branding expertise to develop successful marketing campaigns and create one-of-a-kind photos for his clients.

Regardless, he genuinely enjoys the natural sensation of accomplishment at the end of the day and taking pride in knowing that he made the most of his time.

If you see Shane shooting, catching some waves, or just out and about - be certain to give a big hello and introduce yourself!



His Specialties Are: Social Media Marketing, Brand Positioning, Commercial Photography, Portrait Photography, Event photography, Headshot Photography.

Sanibel Bailey Homestead
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